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BILLY ELLIOT is the best musical EVER!

this summer i went to london, and we decided to see billy elliot, because we had loved the movie. It is the best musical ever! the dancing, songs and the acting were all amazing!!! we had liam mower for our billy, and he was UNBELIEVABLE!! After the show we went and waited at the stage door, and we got to meet Liam Mower, get a picture with him and his autograph! It was unreal. Im sooooo excited because they're talking about bringing it to other countries, such as Canada and the US. I hope they do, because its awsome and i wood go and see it a hundred more times :)
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Yeah, Billy Elliot is great. I went to see the musical last year in London and I was absolutely amazed by the show. My Billy was Colin Bates and he was great too.